sikhem-initiativeWhat is the Shechem Initiative?
There is a saying in Malay, “Berat mata memandang, lebih berat bahu yang memikul.” It translates, “It is hard for the eyes to see, harder still for the shoulders carrying the load.” And these are the two realities we see in Wawasan Penabur. One reality, is that our Bahasa speaking brothers need help – lots of help. The other reality is that many non-Bahasa churches want to help, but they don’t know how to. We see the heavy load on their shoulders, and want to lend our shoulders to them. How do we connect these two realities? Our Sikhem Initiative will hope to bridge these two realities.

From biblical exposition, Sikhem (as in Alkitab, or Shechem in the English Bible) comes from the Hebrew word shekem, which caries the meaning of “shoulder”, “back” or “saddle”. Therefore, Sikhem is an appropriate word to name this initiative. Wawasan Penabur hopes to lend our shoulders on the much needed area of discipleship; to help the discipler and those being discipled, especially amongst the youth.

Across the South China Sea as well as those who have made the long journey from East to West Malaysia, we have our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ who have a heart for God and His work, but lack the necessary financial resources in order to be effective soldiers of Christ.

Many seminary students come from poor families. Their home churches are unable to provide any consistent financial support for them to pursue their theological studies at the seminary. They need scholarships.

Many workers discipling secondary and varsity students require extra resources to release them to do their work more effectively. Many Bahasa-speaking churches and Christian organisations need support for their programmes which include sponsorship for young people to go on mission trips and conferences.

Full time workers who are serving in various Christian ministries and organisations too, find it challenging to make ends meet – the cost of living has risen exponentially over the years in both urban environments and in the rural interior.

You and I can help shoulder some of these needs. At Wawasan Penabur, we provide you a governance model to ensure your support goes directly to these initiatives. We pray that this strategic move will ensure that the next generation of Christians in Malaysia will have strong grounding in God’s Word and His ways, so that they may be His instruments in bringing Life-giving Water to a world of thirsty souls.