Wawasan Penabur has translated 11 booklets in the Siri Kaunseling Pastoral (Pastoral Counselling Series). The Siri Kaunseling Pastoral (Pastoral Counselling Series) booklets are part of a vision God gave us to produce a contextualized curriculum to educate our Bahasa-speaking Christian pastors and church leaders. The author of the Pastoral Counselling Series is Dr. Lee Bee Teik, wife of Bishop Emeritus Hwa Yung. She is the Director and Chaplain of ReconRe Ministries, which is founded on Christ’s ministry of reconciliation.

Siri Kaunseling @ (RM 2.00 each)

1_Tips_Kaunseling_Untuk_Kaunselor_Kristian 2_Perspective_Dlm_Pastoral_Kaunseling BT- Books 1 4_Siapa_Allah_Kepada_Kita 5_Penyembuhan_Trauma_Zaman_Kanak2 BT- Books 1 BT- Books 1 BT- Books 1 9_Masalah_Keingin-Sempurnaan 11_Pelayanan_Memperhatikan_Penjaga 10_Pengampunan_Perdamaian