OBOR Belia Series

We have embarked on translating a five-year integrated curriculum for youths (13-35 years). OBOR Belia are the partial translation of the Young Teens Aflame & Youth Aflame (we are re-writing some books to suit the needs of today’s youth, particularly the Bahasa-speaking Christians) which have had a successful track record in systematically teaching and challenging young people – using creative and practical methods – to grow in their faith as disciples of Jesus Christ. The BM version has been adapted to suit the needs and context of indigenous learners.

The series of 25 books on OBOR Belia can be used by young teens and youth discipleship purposes for a period of 5 years.

Buku-1a Buku-2a Buku-3a Obor-Belia-Buku-4 Buku5Apr Buku6Apr Buku7Apr Buku8Apr book9 book10 Obor-11 Obor-12Obor-13 Obor-14 Buku-15 Buku-16 Buku-17 Buku-18 Buku-19 Buku20_edit Buku21 Buku22 Buku23 Buku24 Buku25