What Others Say About Us

“Wawasan Penabur’s initiative of identifying, sharing and distributing Christian resources in Bahasa Malaysia to the indigenous people groups deserves our fullest support. It is strategic and necessary for a time such as this. Our conscience does not permit us to close an eye to the needs of one group of Christians in our country. The West Malaysian Church is rich in resources. We can share and be generous just as others have shared with us and been generous to us. The church in Malaysia is weak and incomplete without the strengthening of this group of Christians.”

  • Rev. Wong Fong Yang, Senior Pastor of City Discipleship Presbyterian Church and former moderator of the Presbyterian Synod in Malaysia

“Six out of ten Christians speak Bahasa Malaysia. These indigenous Christians form the backbone of the Body of Christ in Malaysia. And yet so many of them say they lack the necessary Bahasa resources to build the faith of their children, youth, and pastoral leadership. More than ever before, we need to form strategic and creative partnerships, regardless of denomination and race, to develop the best BM resources for the people who need them most. Wawasan Penabur is seeking to do just that. And it is my prayer that a new generation of Christians will arise, step up and offer their talents, time and heart for the Bahasa ministry in our land.”

  • Rev. Dr. Hwa Yung, Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysia
“Gereja BM and OA perlu memberi sokongan kepada komitmen WP untuk melayani umat Kristian berbahasa Malaysia yang melintasi denominasi melalui
penerbitan bahan-bahan bacaan dalam BM. Pertumbuhan iman tidak hanya terhad kepada secara lisan (khutbah) sahaja, tetapi juga melalui bahan-bahan bacaan, dan disaluti dengan tersedianya sumber pengajaran yang baik. Bahan sumber dalam Bahasa semakin susah kita dapatkan dari luar negara kerana sebab-sebab tertentu. Oleh itu usaha WP untuk mengumpul, menerbit dan menyebar bahan sumber dalam BM perlu diberi sokongan dan kerjasama dari gereja BM dan OA.“

  • Alfred R. Tais, Executive Secretary of National Evangelical Christian Fellowship Bahasa Malaysia Commission
“The Malaysian church has not awakened to its call to take on the Bahasa work seriously. It is crucial that we now redeem our lost time. We need to be aware that the Body of Christ in Malaysia does not just consist of urban English and Chinese churches, but also the large populations of indigenous people. Unquestionably, if Christians are to make any long-term impact in this nation, we need to take a big leap in addressing the urgent and strategic needs of the BM Ministry.”

  • Tan Hwee Yong, translator and author