Singa Yehuda is the true story about Jesus Christ. He lived in Israel around 2,000 years ago. Everyone who met Him were in awe of His mighty works and amazed by His humility and love. There has been no one who has been able to do what He has done before and ever since. Nobody dared say the things that He said. Miracle upon miracle kept on following Jesus wherever He went. He brought joy and happiness to all who listened to Him. However, everything ended abruptly, as His enemies crucified Him. However, that was not the end! Read for yourself what happened to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of the world!


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Some samples from the book:

Singa Yehuda 1

Singa Yehuda 2

Singa Yehuda 3

Singa Yehuda 4

Singa Yehuda 6

Singa Yehuda Cover