The topic of Christology explains about the life and work of Jesus Christ, the God-Man (theanthropos). In theological circles, Christology carries an unprecedented degree of importance. The life and work of Christ is the main focus in Christian theology. Nevertheless, we are more comfortable discussing the work of Christ (what He has done) compared to understanding his life (who He is). This is understandable considering the unfathomable mystery of the omnipotent Trinitarian God and man’s limitations. When I wrote this book, I realised that while there is a lot of work required to be an ‘expert Christologist’, it is also a journey of knowing Christ for who He is. Furthermore, isn’t it extremely important for us to have the right perspective about someone whom we believe to be ‘outstanding among ten thousand’ (Song of Songs 5:10)?

The structure of this book is simple. First, it explains about who Jesus is (His Person-hood). Second, it explains simply what Jesus did (His works) as a prophet, priest and king under both incarnations that have been humbled and glorified. Readers ought to remember that my main focus in writing this book is to help Christians gain a deeper understanding of His Person-hood, so that in studying His works, it will show an organic connection between His work and Person-hood. Finally, we will see the glory of Christ. The whole point of redemption is the vision that believers have about the glory of Christ. This vision is a true blessing (or blessed vision). The vision and glory of Christ in this vision carry an organic connection with the various doctrines about the Person-hood and task of Christ which is the culmination of Christology. Because of the surrounding doctrinal research about Christ, it will give birth to the fear of Him in faith, hence it will become unavoidable, as that faith allows us to see the glory of God which is reflected in the face of His Beloved Son (2 Corinthians 3:18).

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