Pembacaan Alkitab Satu-Dengan-Satu (One-To-One Bible Reading) is a simple guide for Christians to do one-to-one discipleship. This is a fresh approach to one of the most practical and personal ways of relational evangelism and discipleship based on the living and active Word of God, offering practical tools for one-to-one Bible reading and envisioning a mobilisation of God’s people that would complement church programs.

The guide is to help Christians in one of the most basic methods of helping others: reading the Bible with them. In evangelism, in edification, nothing can beat opening the text of the Bible and reading what God Himself actually says. Christians need only have confidence in God’s Word and a basic skill in reading it with others.

Pastors, you’ll want to get copies for your elders, deacons, staff, discipleship coordinators and your congregation!




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