Pelepasan Dari Roh2 JahatWe live in a society that believes in encounters with evil spirits. Whether one is from a Christian or non-Christian background, we would have heard, watched films or read about the appearance of spirits, possession, spiritual disturbance, or haunted places. You might even have witnessed some of these yourself. We understand when people talk about being cursed or being charmed. We also know that there are some who are able to summon such spiritual forces to do their bidding. All of these can seem scary to a Christian. When faced with such situations, there are times when a Christian might seem to be short of knowledge and power in overcoming. This book Pelepasan daripada Roh-Roh Jahat (Deliverance from Evil Spirits) is extremely timely and could help Christians.

The author has observed and presented evidence abount the existence of various evil spirits from the Old and New Testaments in the Bible. Jesus displayed His power by exorcising evil spirits. He healed the sick and freed the oppressed from the dark forces. This is the very same way we should go about in our ministries. What was discussed by the author is not just theoretical because he himself was involved in the deliverance ministry. Whatever was written is practical enough for use, a guidebook for Christians on a personal journey or as a group. This book will hopefully help Christians observe, evaluate and differentiate the various spirits and their workings.

All thanks to the Lord as this is the first time Wawasan Penabur dan Seminari Theoloji Malaysia (STM) are working together to translate and publish this book. May the Lord bless His church with wisdom and strength to stand firm against attacks from the forces of darkness.



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