DNA-InjilDNA Injil (Gospel DNA) provides an exciting explaination for church leaders drawn from Acts 20. It was taught by an extraordinary servant of God – the apostle Paul, a missionary who evangelised and planted churches. This book provides a unique perspective on how Paul went around and strengthened various ministries across different contexts across Turkey and Greece during the 1st century. It also explained some basic principles laid down by God for effective ministry through the ages – with several radical challenges on how the church of today should function! The God-given DNA within our bodies carry the genetic information that is exhibited through our physical characteristics, such as brown eyes or a head of black hair, within our biological family. He has also given us the “Gospel DNA” to multiply the spiritual characteristics within the church family. This book explains the Gospel DNA of God, which is exhibited in the apostle Paul’s sensational ministry that the modern day church would do well to follow.

The DNA Injil book is not a commentary or exposition, but rather, it identifies the main ministry themes as spelt out by Pau, and explores what we have learned in different sections of the Bible about it. Similar to a descending elevator in a hotel, we take a step out at each floor to explore a little bit of everything. DNA Injil is meant for :

  • everyone because it lays down timeless principles for evangelistic ministry.
  • church leaders because it explains the basics for apostolic ministry in the church.


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