Devotional With Si Domba Cilik is an adventure of learning God’s Word with a little girl named Si Domba Cilik.  Published by Wawasan Penabur, this book aims to teach children to memorize, appreciate, reflect and apply God’s Word in their Christian lives.

Just as they grow physically, our children also need to grow spiritually in Christ Jesus. How can they achieve that? By teaching them to set aside a specific time each day (also known as Quiet Time) to be with Jesus.

There are 30 daily devotionals provided in this book. And each devotional is illustrated beautifully by drawings of various tribes from Sabah and Sarawak. Children also learn to journal or write what they learned from the Word of God.

It is our prayer that our children will continue to be protected by God against any form of threat to their faith in Christ. May God continue to bless and keep them.

Available in 3 languages: English, BM and Chinese

Price: RM6