Apa-itu-InjilWhat is the Gospel of Jesus Christ? You might think that this is an easy question to answer, especially for a Christian. You might even think that writing a book like this – one that requires Christians to think carefully about the question, “What is the Gospel of Jesus?” – is something unneccessary. It is akin to asking a carpenter to sit and mull over the question, “What is a hammer?”

Furthermore, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the basis for Christianity, and as Christians, we believe that the Gospel is above all else. It is what we base our life upon and also forms the foundation of our churches. It is what we share about with other people, and it is something we pray for them to hear and believe.

Concerning everything that has been mentioned, just how strong do you think is the understanding of most Christians concerning the contents of the Christian Gospel? How do you answer is someone asks you: What is the news that Christians often share with others? What’s so good about that news? This book aims to provide a clear answer to what the Bible itself has taught about the Gospel.



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