There is no book in the entire Bible that explains the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ clearly as Paul’s letter to the Romans. And there is no other book in the Bible that has brought about spiritual revival throughout the history of the church as the book of Romans. Truth about righteousness through faith in Romans was what saved Martin Luther from legalism and transformed him to be the leader of the Protestant Reformation movement. The same doctrine that was explained by Luther has also brought about repentance to the likes of John Bunyan, John Wesley dan many other Christian stalwarts.

Not only is there a pressing need for revival in the Malaysian church today, never was there a time where Christians hunger and thirst for the truth of Christ in the history of God’s people in Malaysia that needed to be developed and strengthened fully in Christ during the “last days”. Our prayer is for you to “…know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

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