What Is Alkitab Edisi Studi?
Alkitab Edisi Studi (AES), published by Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia in 2010, is a full colour Study Bible that has helpful study and devotional guides. It is based on The Learning Bible Contemporary English Version but the text is from Alkitab Terjermahan Baru (LAI, 1974). It contains 2,120 pages and is designed to equip Bible students with background information, thought-provoking questions, cross references, and charts that summarize key information. There are more than 100 snippets on important people, places, religious concepts, and customs. The text commentary contains over 10,000 additional notes that will definitely help the Bahasa-speaking pastors in their role as teachers of God’s people.

What Is Inisiatif TITUS 2:7?
TITUS is an acronym for “Tekuni Iman dan menjadi Teladan Untuk Setia”, that is, ‘being diligent in faith and setting a good example by being faithful’. Based on Titus 2:7, the purpose of this initiative is to raise funds to import Alkitab Edisi Studi (AES) from Lembaga Alkitab Indonesia for the Bahasa-speaking pastors, leaders and Bible School students. AES will then be made available to them at a subsidised rate of RM50. Through this we hope to empower them to shepherd the people the Lord has placed under their care (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).

The Epistle to Titus is Apostle Paul’s final Pastoral Epistle and it gives practical instructions for everyday living. As Christians, all of us have the responsibility to “straighten out what was left unfinished” (NIV) as stated in Titus 1:5. We must ensure proper leadership and spiritual growth (1:6-9), combat false teaching (1:10-16), teach and lead others to spiritual maturity (Titus 2), and ensure that God’s people are devoted to doing good (Titus 3:8, 14).

Why Wawasan Penabur?
Wawasan Penabur is a ministry formed to partner with the Bahasa-speaking churches in Malaysia to develop and distribute the best Bahasa resources available. Through Inisiatif TITUS 2:7, we hope to serve as “a bridge” between the sponsors and recipients across denominations and languages. To ensure the target group receives the AES, a Project Manager will oversee the distribution and maintain a database of the recipients. Details will be collected and regular contact will be made. Every copy will be stamped with the recipient’s name.

The cost of importing and distributing AES is about RM150 per copy. Inisiatif TITUS 2:7 aims to raise RM1 million to make available 10,000 copies of AES for the Bahasa speaking church leaders over a 2 to 3 year period. Phase 1 to raise RM200,000 was launched in 2014 for the first 2,000 copies to be distributed to 1,500 pastors in the interior and 500 Bible students.

What Can You Do?
(1) Non-BM speaking Christians: Be Givers
Nearly 2,000 years ago, the Apostle Paul sent Titus to Corinth to give the people vision for raising funds from within their churches to support the famine-afflicted church in Jerusalem (1 Cor 1:1-4; 2 Cor 8:6). Titus was sent a second time to encourage the completion of the offering (2 Cor 8:16 ff). From that time on, Titus has been a name that is associated with God’s people in giving and doing good works.

Today, there is a “famine” of God’s Word amongst the BM speaking church in Malaysia. Many church leaders simply cannot afford the AES which is currently only available in limited bookstores in the major towns of Sarawak and Sabah at RM250 to RM380 per copy. You can make a difference by your giving to make this study Bible available to them at RM50.

(2) BM-speaking Pastors, Leaders and Bible School Students: Be Committed
Just as Apostle Paul commanded Titus to be a leader with spiritual maturity, possessing sound doctrine and living an exemplary life, BM-speaking pastors and leaders must likewise be committed to promoting spiritual growth, teaching sound doctrine, and enabling God’s people to grow into spiritual maturity (Titus 1:7-9; 2:1; 11-15).

It is our hope that Alkitab Edisi Studi will help our BM-speaking leaders and future leaders to grow, empowering them to shepherd those whom God has entrusted under their care (2 Tim 3:16, 17).

“…dan jadikanlah dirimu sendiri suatu teladan dalam berbuat baik. Hendaklah engkau jujur dan bersungguh-sungguh dalam pengajaranmu…” Titus 2:7

How Can I Support This Initiative?
There are three ways :-

(i) You can help to raise awareness and funds by playing a more active role in engaging hearts and minds, in order for the others to commit to strengthening the BM church through energy, funds and prayer.

(ii) To sponsor and support Wawasan Penabur’s “Inisiatif TITUS 2:7” for Orang Asli, Sabah and Sarawak BM-speaking pastors, leaders and Bible school students.

(iii) To pray intentionally for the Bahasa-speaking churches, and to keep the Wawasan Penabur team accountable to the Lord through faithful prayer.