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  Alkitab Kanak-Kanak
 2011 Publication Project
 "Train up a child in the way he should go,   
and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6)


Finally, we have a Children’s Bible in Bahasa Malaysia for our Bahasa-speaking children! The lack of Bahasa resources to build up the faith of the children and youth is a pressing issue. The shortage of Alkitab for adult has now reached a crisis. Many of our Bahasa-speaking children and youths have no access to them since birth. We are totally relying upon the Alkitab imported from a neighboring country, but would our children be able to fully understand the language?

 "Alkitab Kanak-Kanak" is another Wawasan Penabur project meant for building up and strengthening the faith of our Bahasa-speaking children and youths. A group of translators and editors are involved in this project, making sure that texts are taken directly from the Alkitab, language is simple enough for children as young as 5 year old, and adults don’t find them childish. We avoid re-telling of stories so that the children are familiar with the actual Scriptures.

The 408-page "Alkitab Kanak-Kanak" has been published and distributed in preparation for Wawasan Penabur’s "Satu Anak, Satu Alkitab" campaign in October/November 2011.

Some Features:
  • 416 full-coloured pages
  • Major stories and events from Genesis to Revelation
  • Using the Allah, TUHAN and Tuhan  as in the Alkitab
  • Jesus' words in red
  • God's Message made simple for all
  • Text taken from the Alkitab rather than re-telling of stories to ensure that children familiarise themselves with the actual Scriptures.
You and your church can order directly from us.
Books are not sold in local bookstores.

 Some samples from the book:  

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